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Where scientologists come to be free and exercise
their right to practice their chosen philosophy

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What is scientology

"The term SCIENTOLOGY is taken from the Latin word SCIO (knowing in the fullest meaning of the word) and the Greek word LOGOS (to study)"

LRH Now scientology is that applied and workable philosophy developed by Lafayette Ron Hubbard during most of his life.

It includes the understanding of life, it's composition and potentialities. The application part of the philosophy includes activities which one can embark upon to improve one's life both in the spiritual sense as well as the physical.

The philosophy and the application of it is found in the many books he wrote and the many thousands of lectures he gave which are available on audio tapes and CDs

The application of the technology includes Auditors (practitioners) applying certain auditing techniques and procedures (exercises) with PreClears (Clients) to produce an exactly defined benefit for that client. Such benefits can include:

An increased spiritual awareness
An improvement in lifestyle
An acquired or improved ability of a clearly defined nature
Relief from a past activity that may be hindering a persons spiritual awareness or understanding

One of the 'tools of the trade' of an Auditor (practitioner) is what is known as an e-meter. This device is quite harmless and enables the auditor to guide the attention of the PreClear to the area or activity being looked at as the PreClear is usually unaware of the source of the difficulty.

The official body of scientology is the Church of Scientology(tm). The church is considered by many to have departed from the original philosophy, as expounded by L. Ron Hubbard, as demonstrated by the prolific alterations of the technology, treatment of theor staff and parishioners. Instead they are thought to be pursuing a different agenda of altering the application of the philosophy to a point where it becomes unworkable and no longer achieves the aims set out for it by the founder, purely on the basis of monetary gain.

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