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Video Insight into the Church of Scientology

"Letting people INTO the group at large is the key to every great movement and bettered culture on this planet. This was the new idea that made Buddhism the strongest civilizing influence the world has seen in terms of numbers and terrain. They did not exclude ... The Catholic Church only began to fail when it began to exclude"
Policy Letter 14th December 1970 -- GROUP SANITY
L. Ron Hubbard

Under the distorted and dubious governance of the current Chairman of the Board, This principle is becoming more and more violated. and the church is becoming more and more a closed group and more and more a sect or cult. Anyone who disagrees with the church is hounded and harrised. The church violates it's own tenets and, indeed, even the philosophy that originated it on this obsessed leadership.

the church has definitely lost its way

Here are some videos that demonstrate this

First videos to be posted are the latest Panorama Documentary. This is in four parts

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four
More videos will follow.

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