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The Rehabilitation Project Force

The extract below was taken from a larger publication and is reprinted here as fair use and for academic study. Ref: THE REHABILITATION PROJECT FORCE

thius to be used in comparison with the subsequent pages as listed here


7 January 1974
21 August 1976
Re-Revised 30 May 1977

(modifies Flag Order 3183 in regard to qualifications for the Deck Project Force - which remains in being.) Only revisions on page 9 and 10 in italics.

The Rehabilitation Project Force (RPF) is hereby brought into being in Div 4 Area Estates Org.

To it are assigned:

1. R/Sers

2. Low OCA non-producers

3. Repeated stat crashers

4. Overt Product makers.

The Estates Project Force remains for Recruits, Products 0, 1, etc.

New Recruits and those Veterans who are not Prod 0 or who are TIPed for Prod 1 are posted to the EPF for Products 0 and 1 as required.

IF anybody while in the EPF is found to be in one of the categories 1-4 above, he is at ONCE routed to the RPF.

If a new arrival is found to be in one of the categories 1-4 above when he arrives and he is not returned whence he came, he is routed straight to the RPF.

The EPF, hitherto used for the retreading of those persons who suffer from robotism or who produce overt products or who need continual supervision and are a liability on lines, is now to be permitted and made to be an UPSTAT unit with high standards, high production and high morale unhindered by those who do not belong in such a unit but require special handling on their own without distracting others who are doing well.


The RPF members wear a BLACK boilersuit, or ethnically acceptable cleaning outfit in very dark blue.


The basic organization is as follows:

RPF Bosun
RPF Section Leaders
RPF Section Members

The sections are made up of the leader plus 6-7 members,, depending on the overall total. Each section is identified by a letter - 'A' Section, 'B' Section, etc. The leader is responsible for his section, The members of one section answer to their section leader, to the RPF MAA or RPF Bosun, or any other on-line senior.

When working on specific cycles of action, members of one section may be seconded by RPF Bosun to another section for that specific cycle. This would be done if a cycle required 2 more members than were in the section assigned to that cycle, but did not require two whole sections.

The RPF Bosun's directions in these temporary assignments are final and may be contested only by a Job Endangerment Chit by the Protesting section leader.

Any stats obtained by the seconded members are credited to the section to which they belong.

The section leaders are responsible for the productions ethics, job-training, mustering, study attendance, study progress, berthing, messing, appearance, personal hygiene, etiquette, discipline, moral, general progress and behavior of the members in their own sections.

They see that their members are applying on-the-job basic Sea Org cleaning, maintenance and hygiene tech such as in FSO 674 SPOTLESS, SHINY SHIP MAINTENANCE MINI HAT issues.

The RPF Bosun is responsible for these factors with regard to the section leaders.

The RPF MAA is responsible to the RPF Bosun for the Ethics of the section leaders and of the RPF as a unit. He forces the section leaders to keep Ethics in on their sections, and if he has to take Ethics action on a section member that member's leader suffers the same penalty also. He has the section leaders muster their sections before breakfast, after meals and before studys before securing for the day, and at any other times required by the Bosun within reason and without distracting from production. If the Bosun has to bypass the RPF MAA to get in Ethics, the same penalty applies to the RPF MAA.


On assignment to the RPF, petition or no, the person forfeits any position held in any other activity than post, in a watch, Troupe, Team or anything else, or any non-Scientology or community activity, etc. Where the RPF person has taken part in a non-Scientology activity and would be expected to attend, meet payments, dues, or contribute in any way but won't be able to because of RPF regulations a detailed report is to be made by the person as part of his routing into the RPF with copies sent to the AG Flag copy for Ethics folder and copies to any other Execs who should be informed to ensure proper handling.

A member of the RPF is a member of the RPF and of nothing outside of it, till released.


The sections of the RPF either singly or combined are put to work on:

1. Building cleaning, exterior (including grounds) and interior.

2. Heads cleaning.

3. Painting requiring no extra skill.

4. Internal renovation.

5. Storage, passageway and stairway cleaning.

6. Large scale CSP actions but NOT in any berthing,, messing or galley areas.

7. Garage cleaning.

8. Elevator and elevator shaft cleaning.

9. E/R cleanings especially upper and lower boiler rooms

10. Party, etc. set-ups, but only MEST work (moving furniture, etc.).

11. Garbage disposal.

12. Other actions as may be approved (and not otherwise) by LRH Pers Comm via LRH Comm Area Estates (or as delegated by LRH Pers Comm.

The RPF do NOT:

a. Clean FCCI Rooms.

[deleted] e. Do any clerical work of any kind.

f. Clean, re-arrange or otherwise handle the berthing and personal property of any crew member.

g. Do any fine paint, carpets, woodwork, plaster, wallpaper, varnish or window replacement work.

h. Do any security guard, watch or WQSB duties.

i. Hold any post on any org lines-outside the unit as "Expeditor" or "Temporary" or anything else.

j. Go on any kind of Mission or Errand whatever.

k. Do any crew's normal cleaning station for him.

1. Work with the EPF.

m. Handle any Motor Pool vehicle in any way,

The Stable Datum for the Unit and for its individual sections is ONE JOB, ONE PLACE, ONE TIME.


Its sub-products are COMPLETED CYCLES OF ACTION.

The optimum utilization of the whole RPF and its sections is the responsibility of the RPF Bosun.

This requires that he has a large board on which the authorized work cycles can be shown and which indicates which are not started, not complete, and DONE.

He must have a list of daily and weekly tasks that the RPF is authorized to do, and a programme or programmes for the cleaning and upgrade of specified areas of the base. The routine lists and programmes must be okayed by the Area Estates Bosuns First Mate and CO Area Estates, no matter who originates them.

He must resist all efforts to break the 1 job, 1 place, 1 time stable datum.

When a cycle is reported-complete he must-verify the fact by personal inspection (which can at times be delegated to the RPF MAA) and is to then either got the job properly completed by those who failed to do it, or to acknowledge,the completion directly with an okay, good, very good, well done, very well done, as the case may be.

A half-done or overt product of course merits Ethics penalties in addition to enforcement of the original order.

The Area Estates Bosun coordinates the assigments of EPF and RPF.



The Cont LRH Comm or a valid deputy will authorize or not all applications for actions referred to in this FO and the FO 3434R Series as requiring LRH Pers Comm approval.


The Motto of the RPF is:




The personal rights of an RPF member are:

1. Full Scientology Justice at the hands of his Seniors and peers in the RPF.

2. The right to insist on being allowed to complete a cycle of action he has started providing it is an authorized cycle for his section and he is not making an overt product.

3. Pay as allowed unless withheld or fined by a justice action.

4. Mormal meals, providing no crew member is in any way deprived thereby.

5. Standard tech as delivered or deliverable by his fellows in the RPF.

6. The opportunity to voice genuine grievances and to be heards and to make constructive efforts to make things right.

7. Five hours study/co-audit per day.

8. Thirty minutes undisturbed time for each meal, and 30 minutes for personal hygiene each day.

9. To make adequate progress as determined by his own impulses to get fully cleaned up and released.

10. To receive as much respect from-others as he himself makes possible for himself.




His last action in the RPF is the last step of his Liability Formula on the 3rd Dynamic and when completed he rejoins the crew in non-Existence.

2. Has no Liberties.

3. Is restricted to FH at all times except when on authorized work cycles in other Flag Buildings. Any travel between buildings is accompanied by a Security Guard. Additionally each week ons RPF member as authorized by RPF MAA and Security Force MAA, may make necessary purchases for RPF members (a.g. toothpaste, deodorants etc.)accompanied on foot by a Security Guard at the convenience of the Security Guard.

4. Receives 1/4 pay until released, then 1/2 pay.

5. Is berthed only in a space which is isolated from the rest and is only for RPF. RPF berthings messing and Tech area must conform with local regulations such as birthing, fire, health and safety regulations, etc., but without violating other restrictions or the intention of the RPF.

6. May not speak to or approach Flag staff or public or outside public unless spoken to or as per further communication rules authorized by LRH Pers Comm or where an impoliteness to the raw public would be incurred.

In order to allow time for creation of the 2D of a married RPF member that is upstat he/she may spend one night a week with his/her spouse in a space authorized by Barthing I/C and as scheduled by RPF MAA. If both are in the RPF both must be upstat and get RPF MAA OK.

Some contact with a spouse or child is permitted during the RPFer's meal time or securing time once daily if the RPFer is upstat. All the above is providing no discussion of case or condition occurs and providing there is NO enturbulation whatsoever from or between either. In the case of a pre-school child contact is allowed more than-once daily during mealtimes and the schedule is to be worked out with the RPF MAA.

Penalties for upset or violations of these allowances are as per points 15 and 16 below. All RPF DOs and DON'TS apply during time sent with child or spouse (ie. uniform is worns, schedules kept, no comm rules with spouse's friends, etc.) Note: The spouse or child of the RPFer must originate to the RPF MAA the wish to speak or have time with the RPFer.

7. Has rank or rating suspended and lowered two ranks or ratings automatically on assignment to RPF.

8. Has meals available after Flag crew have been served.

9. Is part of the RPF mess to be in a special section on the 2nd floor of the garage.

RPF messes must be organized per Messing FOs, but RPF Mess Presidents are not part of the Mess Presidents' Meetings. RPF Mess Presidents may form a meeting but the Chief Steward is not obliged to act on their requests, but is expected to perform all reasonable actions to provide adequate nutrition.

10. May not attend crew parties or hold their own, May not attend othor drew or public events except by arrangement.

11. Is denied Canteen privileges, but may use vending machines on ground floor breezeway.

12. Receives Mimeo's OODs and such FCCs EOs. FOs. HCOBs. EDs, etc. as may directly apply to the RPF and its Tech Unit.

13. Has no uniforms except for boiler suit or approved cleaning uniform.

14. May not enter staff or public areas, or elevator except when on assigned cleaning duties in those areas$ under a Section Leader. MAY NOT USE THE SWIMMING POOL AT ANY TIME. Service elevator is used only.

15. Must suffer additional time in RPF if sentenced to it for violations of regulations, failure to producer excessive natter, refusal to come clean or any other offense, as assigned by the RPF Bosun or MAA or by duly convened Court or Comm Ev.

16. In case of refusal to abide by the policies of tht RPF or to accept the authority and directions of seniors, it is to be handled by Comm Ev in which the person if found guilty is given the choice to make it on his-own determinism or to be dismissed from the Sea Org.

17. And if dismissed from the Sea Org is to sign a confession of his crimes before leaving the Base.

18. Has no laundry service and the RPF must do its own laundry once issued.

19. Has to use bath or W/C facilities only as designatedby CO Area Estates.

20. May not have with them in the RPF ANY drugs or alcoholic beverages, radios, TV, taped music, musical instruments, chess games or any such entertainment or luxury, or consume such when on authorized visits to spouse or child.


These policies and regulations may only be put aside or amended or cancelled with the approval of the Commodore or of LRH Pers Comm.

NB: In the revision of 21 August 1976, the definitions of "Fully Cleaned-Up" and "Released" have been revised by LRH Pers Comm.

Revised by
FMO 1672
Ens. Susan Walker,
Lt. (jg) Art Webb, 2nd

Re-Revised by

Approved by

for the

of the


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