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Rehabilitation Project Force

Additional information

"Lulu Belle" wrote in message

There has been some discussion about the accuracy of the statements that "RPF Insider" has made.

Well, I can tell you for a fact that he's not a Dorian. Listed below are some of the things that he mentions that I can personally vouch for as being true and correct.

If I pick through his data more extensively, I'm sure there are other things I can corroborate; I just don't have the time to do that. I personally am certain, knowing what I know, that all of his data is genuine and not fabricated.

Provisional SP declares - This is something that does exist. Mike Silverman got one in the late 80s, early 90s. Some other people got them too; I don't remember who. I think Kenny Shapiro might have got one also. The staff member is sent to the RPF (or, more likely, RPF's RPF) and are "declared" and made to do A to E while on the RPF.

List of RPFers: I am familiar with a lot of these names. I would have no way of knowing if these people are currently on the RPF, but they definitely are or were Sea Org staff. I recognize a lot of them as being (former) Int and Management staff. Management staff are generally RPFed more often than staff of lower service orgs, as a rule. I think I have posted about this subject to ARS in the past.

Service building where the RPF is housed: This was used as an area to do renovations when the renovations of the PAC base began. This was scheduled as the last building on the base to be renovated. Last I knew, the RPF (along with PAC Renoes) was using this space for construction purposes. PAC Renoes themselves was located on the ground floor of this building. So, what RPFI is saying here is consistent with what I know.

16 people to a room: I don't know how it is now, but even the regular (non-RPF) staff had that situation a while back. As the berthing in PAC got more and more crowded, staff got stacked like sardines into berthing spaces. Many on-post staff were berthed in rooms with sixteen people; maybe more. Hence the desire to get married as quickly as possible.

Cameras on the base: I wasn't aware there were hundreds of cameras, but there has been quite a lot of them for a number of years, with more getting installed all the time. They existed in most, if not all, of the auditing rooms. They existed on every floor of the Main building. They existed on the roofs and over the parking lots. It doesn't surprise me that, with the base renovations, there are now a whole new slew of cameras.

"Rats Alley": This is true. It's in the basement of the Main Building and people sent to the RPF's RPF were often sent down there to clean it. It has some connection with the galley (kitchen). Somehow stuff from the kitchen/dishwasher wound up there. I guess it's some type of sewer.

Sheer walls in the main building: I recall this as being one of the main fundamental renovations plans.

Leslie and Jon Epstein: They have been in the Sea Org for many, man years. It seems like they have been on the RPF almost as often as they have been off of it. And they often seem to be there at the same time for some reason. (Unlike Kathy and Mike Rinder, who seem to go in shifts.)

David Miscavige's suites: All staff in PAC are familiar with DM's "fifth floor suite." There was this window where you could see his hundred or so pairs of shoes or boots lined up on these specially built shelves just for this purpose. The HGB 13th floor, built for RTC, is also common knowledge.

Mike and Cherie Eaves: I didn't know Mike very well, but Cherie is a wonderful, lovely person. This is so sad. What RPFI said about her current post of being responsible for publishing books at Bridge I am sure is totally correct. She has been on those lines for years, and at one time was Materials Exec Int in Exec Strata. This is the person overall responsible for the publication of LRH materials.

Mariette Lindsteen: She was definitely AVC Int at one time. She was generally a high exec for the most part; she was the CO FCB for a while before she went up to RTC.

Who RPF Insider is, where he is, and how he got this information, I don't know. I just know that he definitely didn't make it up.

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