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Rehabilitation Project Force

The RPF "Insider" Newsletter # 8

Here are some additional names that should have been in Newsletter #1. I'm sure you will remember some of these names if you have any connections or friends who are in Int management. Forgive me if I forgot some, I think I got most of them... Here's the list complementing the one in newsletter # 1:

Paul Anderson - was Senior HAS Int, arrived 2003 or 04.

Phil Anderson - Exec from GOLD over Manufacturing and Delivery, arrived in the RPF in 2004. Was posted earlier at WDC PUBS, part of RTC.

Jason Bennick - Formerly CO (Commanding Officer) GOLD, RPFed in 2004. Has years of working directly for COB, and years of instances of abuses from DM himself. Wonder why DM got rid of another CO GOLD with such humiliation? Maybe Jason couldn't be manipulated anymore and also had to be disposed of?

Susy Bennick - Also from GOLD, RPFed in 2004 with her husband. Susy was the one who transcribed all the LRH advices on the comm lines to and from LRH during the early and mid 80's, basically handled ALL of the final years of LRH communication traffic.

Sarah Briggs - from GOLD, RPFed 2004. Worked in LRH Archives for years, putting the materials together for the new book releases.

Reggie Caldwell - Spent several years on the RPF, graduated 2002 or 03 and is back on post as the Medical Liaison Officer (MLO) for the staff in the HGB building in Hollywood.

Derek Cusworth - RPFed in 2004 and routed out shortly after.

Kenny Davies - graduated the RPF in1999. Back on post as a Cramming Officer in the Continental Training Org WUS (West US) in PAC.

(Pacific Area Command)

Chip Deichman - arrived from GOLD in 2004. Left, either with a "probational" SP declare or an official declare. This was however not posted or made known.

Rachel Donohue - Arrived on the RPF from CMO Int in 2003. Old-timer in the Sea Org. Has been around since the time when LRH was on the ship Apollo. She's from England.

Wayne Furness - Arrived 2003. Was from middle management in Hollywood.

Josh Gilbert - Arrived from GOLD in 2004 and left a couple of months later. His father is still uplines. Dad tried to get him to do the RPF program but Josh finally routed out or was offloaded. Possibly probationally SP declared. Those who come from the Int Base and have important information are handled in this way for imagined threats or dangers against the church. They have to sign about 15 to 20 pages of "gag" agreements.

Marie-Alice Heinzel - Was on the RPF for years. Her last twin was Ed Parkins. They both graduated in 2004 and went back on post. She was from one of the networks and is probably back in the HGB building.

Mark Hooper - Arrived 2003, from ABLE Int. Received a Fitness Board turndown 2004.

Ted Karbowski - Arrived from GOLD 2004, did not make it on the RPF program and routed out or was offloaded and went to his mothers place in Florida, not far from Flag.

Sue Lerner (Thompson) - added to this list with her former married name. From OSA Int, previously from DC Org. Arrived to the RPF around 2000 or earlier. Ex-husband Eddie was a reg in DC.I don't know what happened to her kids, but I know they haven't seen their mom in quite a while. She is around 50.

Mark Lizer - Was an exec over Call-In at FSO for many years. Ended up being the ED of Hamburg org in late 90ies, which was a disaster. He was RPFed for this in 2003 retroactively. Mark has diabetes and is having a very hard time physically to get through the program. He is also in his 50s.

Gil Llewellyn - From GOLD, arrived here in 2003. He has decided to leave several times and keeps changing his mind. Back and forth doing the program or not. His wife was RPFed too and for some reason she was sent to the RPF at Flag, to keep them separated.

Jesse Magnusson - arrived from GOLD in 2004.

Birdie Magnusson - arrived from GOLD with her husband in 2004.

Malcolm McClintock - Came from AOSH ANZO in 2003. Was a Registrar there.

Miles Mellor - Was on post as the Establishment Officer Int, in the Int Exec Strata, routed out back in 1999.

Scott Musselman - from GOLD, arrived to the RPF in 2004.

Kathy Ondreika - from CMO Int, arrived in 2003.

Tom Ondreika - Kathy's husband, arrived in 2004, also from CMO Int.

Ed Parkins - from OSA Int, graduated the RPF in 2004 and went back on post.

Steve Perrin - Never arrived to the RPF but blew directly from the Int base. Worked in the Int Landlord Office late 90's. He blew and got SP declared. He's a professional building contractor and did a lot of work on the Super Power building at Flag. He did his A-E steps and came back on staff 1-2 years ago. He's OT VIII and is now working in AOLA. His wife Peggy refused to join the Sea Org so they got divorced years ago.

Marco Rosenstein - Arrived 2004 from management in the HGB building. Computer expert and knows a lot about the internet and was dealing with this for the church, which is what got him in trouble.

Diana Runyon - from New York. Was staff in CLO EUS. A 16 year old girl, she did not make it on the RPF. Both parents are in the Sea Org. The mother is from the INT Finance Office, and was very concerned. Diana was probably raised in the Sea Org and routed out 2004.

Francisco Sanz Polo - from GOLD, arrived 2004.

Sasha Stuckenbrock - Teenage boy from Int, about 16-18 years old. Did not make it on the RPF and routed out in 2001 or 02. His brother is Uwe Stuckenbrock who is bound to a wheel chair and has MS.

Tom Supak - Was on the RPF for many years. He had a "trio -ship" with Reggie Caldwell and Carlos Torres. All 3 graduated in 2003. Tom went back to Freewinds where his wife is the Senior C/S and a Class XII auditor. Tom and Reggie are both about 60 years old.

Carlos Torres - Graduated the RPF with Tom and Reggie in 2003. Went back to the Universe Corps where his wife Sylvia is working. Both are OT V and Class IX auditors.

Richard Welch - Came from the Int Finance Office 2003.

Wheelis Eric (not Alex) - added to this list from Newsletter #1, to correct his name. It's Eric and not Alex. He graduated in 2003 and went on post in the New World Corps, the organization that is recruiting and training auditors for the new Super Power building at Flag. He came from GOLD. His wife was Maj who got SP declared in 2004 and went back to Copenhagen. They must be divorced by now.

Lee Willett - was on the RPF for years, graduated in 1999 with Kenny Davies. When Lee was at GOLD she blew several times but came back each time. She has a daughter with her ex-husband Steve Willett. The daughter is working at the Sandcastle at Flag. Lee went back on post but blew later and got SP declared 2001.

Steve Willett was another recent CO GOLD who also got busted. The 3rd or 4th one to have that post who was RPFed in short order. He's now here in the PAC Renovations Org, with his remarried wife from CMO Int. She is working in the galley!

Joanne Young - arrived from CMO Int 2003.

I'm writing this down straight from my memory, having been around staff from GOLD and Int. I have no access to any lists or other information sources right now. I'm sure there are more names I missed. They might come to mind later. Quite a few staff from Int have come down to the PAC RPF and left right away, so I never got the whole story but I wonder what happened to them.

Additionally; Mariette Lindstein who blew the RPF in 2004 and got SP declared; she was perviously on the RPF in the late 90's and her twin was Ray Mitoff. He's currently the Senior C/S International. One would think that the top technical person on the planet should be able to get a product on his twin. Guess he missed some withholds on her or she got fed up with DM and his regime.

John Aczel was on the original list in NewsLetter #1, but I thought I should add to what I know about his bad experience and personal encounter with David Miscaviage. DM spit in John's face in public, supposedly complying with an LRH order. Is that "standard tech" for handling one's fellow workers and juniors? I don't think so... No wonder people are disagreeing and leaving the Int base in droves!!! John has been on the RPF for 6-7 years. He has been around since the days of LRH at Saint Hill, and he's getting up in his 60's.

Well, where are all these people now? Some, but not many went back on post, MANY have routed out after receiving a "Fitness Board" turndown. Some left with an SP declare, some with a "probational SP declare" (which I have not yet found any policy or reference about; another new made up "Miscaviage" policy?) and some left with a beefy program to be allowed to come back in the Sea Org. This usually consist of paying your "Freeloader Bill", which is all the courses and auditing that you have taken with a no-charge invoice, usually things that you are required to do to get the training needed to be able to perform your duties skillfully.

The bill for any old-timer could be anything from $25,000 or $30,000 to as much as over $100,000. Anybody in for less than 5 years, the bill could be about $10,000 or more, depending on how many courses and how much "service" or auditing you have received.SEC Checks anyone? Lucky for us we don't have to pay anything for the RPF program as it's delivered on a twin ship basis. It's considered an honor to be given the chance to redeem oneself and "come clean".The exchange for the food and the over crowded spaces is 8 or 10 hours a day of doing renovations and other hard work. In addition to paying your bill, usually a great long list of courses are assigned, once you finish A to E and are back in "good standing" as a public. These are courses addressing the assumed cause of your difficulties and problems you had, so they have to be studied and paid for AGAIN.

Examples are the PTS/SP course, ethics courses, administrative courses and often to train up as an auditor to a Class IV or higher level. Some are even assigned to do OT levels. The price of all this training easily goes up to $40,000 or more and MUCH more if auditing is required! Then, if you jump through all the hoops and want to re-join the Sea Org, you have to route back in through the RPF!! People do it...but none for me, thanks!

I wonder sometimes where all the big money is going, because the RPF used to have a lot of real projects to work on, but there must be some funding problems. Look at the big blue main building, the big cross with a gutted top. Looks horrible, and has been incomplete for years. The RPF built the testing center down in Hollywood in 2001 and it was opened for a while. Then some plans changed and they wanted to expand the testing center in the Hollywood Inn building with more courses and spaces for students.

This required a better foundation, so the RPF had to gut out the entire space that we had already fully renovated, wasted probably $100,000 and at least 6 months of work with many man hours. Then we poured concrete in the basement to make it earth quake safe. As far as I know, it's still not funded and the temporary place further down the street is still used instead. We are not allowed to go off the base to work anymore on such projects, maybe in an attempt to keep us busy and hide us away in the complex? We are mostly working in the mill, building furniture and renovating things inside the building and in the basement. Moving folders and other "big" projects. If you have had a chance to go to the San Francisco organization, all the nice furniture, the big reception desk, etc., was built by the PAC RPF. Even the big reception desk for the Hamburg org in Germany was built by us and shipped over there!! Looks like the strategy is to make people work in the RPF or in the Renovations organization, to "build new orgs."

By the way, if you would have the inclination to go and visit the HQ where most of these people came from; called GOLD or the Int base, here's a tip on how you can find it. You can look up Hemet on the map, southeast of LA in Riverside County and just go there. Otherwise there is an inside phrase called "the run."

This is a twice daily mail shuttle that goes between the HGB in Hollywood to the Int base at Hemet. Just follow the van that leaves around 11 am and again around dinner time. It leaves from Ivar, the side street crossing Hollywood Blvd. The van pulls into the parking lot across the street behind the black bar gate. Boxes and packages are loaded up from "external communications" located just inside the doors in the HGB building, across the street from the black gate. Passengers sometimes wait around in the parking lot to get a ride on "the run," to go to the base.

The van pulls out onto the freeway towards Riverside. When you get to the base you will find "Golden Era Productions," but this is also the base where INT Management is located. I'm concerned about the working conditions for the people that are still at INT now. So many people have left, blown or been RPFed. The staff still there has to get the work done with much fewer people. The living conditions have probably gotten a lot worse, and I imagine COBs attitude has gotten a lot worse too. I am glad I am not there, though I'm still concerned about my old friends and wonder if I will ever be able to see them again ...

The RPF "Insider"

Note from "Insiders" friend: the RPF does have computers, but no access to the internet. Or I should say DID have computers, thanks to the Newsletters and all of you reading and acting on them, I doubt if anyone in the SO has been allowed to touch a computer in quite a while. I imagine every computer is being taken apart and scoured for info....too little, too late. All the data is already safely out, and hopefully alot more people will come forward soon to verify the truth in these Newsletters. Everyone has the right to practice whatever religion they choose but this insane abuse has got to stop! Imagine a "Cleared Planet" with DM in charge. Thanks to all who have helped and are helping to prevent this nightmare. This is True, RPFIF

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