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Rehabilitation Project Force

The RPF Insider Newsletter # 7

Hello out there in the real world...

I have a friend who recently "blew" or in other words was smart enough to figure out how to get out of this rat hole! Her name is Mariette Lindstein and I knew her for years from Gold. She was a very high executive for many years and was assigned to the RPF for some reason. I never knew why and she wouldn't tell me here in the RPF. She did tell me however that she had divorced her husband Billy Lindstein, and that he is now the CO CLO EUS, in New York. They also have a son, and I believe that he is still at INT. He must be around 18-20 years old.

When Mariette arrived here, she must have planned to blow from the first day she arrived. She brought very few personal belongings, and all she left behind were a few small boxes, which contained only clothes. (Most RPFers bring all their worldly possesions with them, handling all that mest and storing it is another story I hope I can tell you about sometime) She must have kept her ID cards and passport, I think maybe she told them she lost them instead of turning them in. Wish I would have thought of that! Both Billy and Mariette are from Sweden and maybe she went back home? When she was uplines she told me that she was from a city called Halmstad (correctly spelled)? and if she went to Sweden she would probably be there, maybe with her parents? She was in the Sea Org for over 20 years, had no family in the US and I doubt that she had any non-scientology friends.

Mariette had several high posts and was in RTC. For a while she was the AVC I/C Int, Authorization and Verification Correction In Charge International. This post approves new programs and a lot of other things that are then implemented down the command channels through CMO and Int Exec Strata. She got busted and ended up at GOLD. Got busted again and got RPFed! When she blew the RPF here in May/June this year, it was a "flap" of magnitude. You can't believe the search team that is put together to find a person that blows, especially one who has such high inside information. If she has any way of speaking up she would probably be able to tell what DM's favorite lunch is or what he has on his desk.

Put it this way - she knows "too much"!!! The night she took off, a search team of about 10 people from the RPF itself (the trusted ones that are "moving on the program"), the RPF I/C himself and a bunch of PAC security guards where searching the streets of LA in vain! The RPFers where stationed at the Metro Union station around the clock, in hopes of seeing and catching her. (And of course to guard each other!) By the way, the RPF people sent out on these searches had little or no money for food, and came back starving and deprived of sleep for 24 hours or more! People went to LAX, to the beach and other local parks, anywhere that someone might go to hide or to "destimulate" before coming back.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, I hereby happily announce to you that I think SHE MADE IT AND GOT AWAY!! Of course she knew that she would be "SP declared" automatically and obviously didn't give a shit! However I never saw an SP Declare on her posted on the notice board which is kind of odd, but I am sure there are alot of things we never find out about in the RPF. At this point I don't give a shit if they declare me too, I just don't want to go through months and years of com-evs, sec checks, "baby watch" and other BS.

I don't know how the other RPFers feel because we are not allowed to talk about it, if you said a word to anyone they would have to report you, even if they didn't, you'd both get busted on the next sec check! And I can see that a lot of people are really taking this seriously and truly want to get back on post. But for some reason nearly everyone is having trouble with the "final assessment" that I mentioned earlier in Newsletter # 4, as most guys do have disagreements, etc., with INT Management. The way it's shoved back in our faces is "you missed withholds on your twin earlier or you have out-tech on your twin - that's why you can't get a clean assessment!" Gee, I wonder why that is???? (HAHA)

Anyway, I sure hope Mariette is in good health, happy and busy creating a new life. If this message would ever reach her, let her know that I'm still her friend and look forward to the day when I'll be able to catch up with her.

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