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Rehabilitation Project Force

The RPF Insider Newsletter #5

Hello everybody out there!

I told you about all the cameras on the base, and here's another hot tip. Do you know how to tell when DM is on the base? Well, it's easy to find out in the RPF, because we are told that we cannot go out to Catalina Street, for any reason. It's off limits and security is watching the area full time. The way you can tell is if you see 2 dark SUVs pulled up into the "horse shoe entrance" with another 1 or 2 classy cars.

DM is never alone and is guarded by several people at all times, but maybe you could go up to him and say hello and see what happens. Probably security will stop you, but sometimes he stops and listens and will ask a bunch of questions. I have experienced this myself - unfortunately not to my well-being or betterment.

When he comes to the base, his personal suite is prepared for him on the 5th floor in the West wing (directly above the RPF berthing on the 2nd floor!). This luxury room, decorated with leather and brass and other luxury items is used only when he is there. The rest of the time Commodores Messengers keep the area clean.

He also has an incredible luxury suite at 6331 Hollywood Blvd. The entire 13th floor is his and it's decorated with the most expensive and nicest furniture and decorations that you can imagine. The RPF has been up there renovating and cleaning the area. Both areas are kept secure with card reader systems and elevator access etc. When he's not in LA, which is often, I believe that this entire floor is unutilized but has to be kept ready for him at all times.

He has similar set ups for himself where ever he goes in the world. He goes to Freewinds and Flag off and on. He likes to do "inspection tours" in the areas where he goes. So if he comes to PAC for a day or so he might go through all the local organizations rapidly, LA Org, CC Int, ASHO, AOLA or just concentrate on a particular SO Org or "handling." Much of the time, he's at the Int Headquarters at Hemet, southeast of LA. So, if you see someone getting out of those dark vans who is about 5 foot tall, the shortest in the crowd - that's him!

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