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Rehabilitation Project Force

The RPF Insider Newsletter # 4

Maybe you have gotten my earlier newsletters, maybe not. In the hope that you have, I will continue to write what might interest you about what is happening behind those blue walls in the RPF.

Do you know why there are so few guys that graduate the RPF program? Well, check this out. A new "Final Assessment" came down from INT about a year ago.A " twin-ship" has to assess this list on each other on the E-Meter. There cannot be any reactions or reads on the needle at all, on the following questions. The slightest bad thought or incorrect idea in any of these areas would create a reaction on the needle. About 30-40% of the entire RPF is on this last step - BUT ARE NOT MAKING IT THROUGH!

This is supposed to be a "final check" on the entire program, which takes an average of 1-2 years although some guys take much longer, for example Ken Shapiro has been on the RPF for about 6 years. Great PR and expectations have been shoved down our throats that the RPF should only take 6 months, which is practically impossible. It's a twisted dream turning into a nightmare and many twinships at the end of the program are really getting frustrated and are not making it through.

One example of this is Majbritt Wheelis and her twin Felipe Avila. They were on the lines to GRADUATE for months and they couldn't make it and they got kicked out. Some elaborate reason why she didn't make it, making her guilty for not performing her duty as a Case Supervisor in the RPF and other things from her ethics file, got her SP DECLARED! She had no place to stay locally and she was on the phone to her mother in Copenhagen in Denmark, begging for a place to stay, until she got a job and "back on her feet."

If someone would see this over in Denmark, please help her out, she's a very nice girl. I was devastated to see what happened to her family life. Her husband Alec Wheelis graduated the RPF last year, and he was on a recruitment tour for the Super Power project, I believe over in England. He wasn't informed or told anything about his wife and she was told she would have to handle the divorce later on so he would not be enturbulated. What kind of decency is that?

On top of it all, her mother-in-law, Alec's mother, is here on the RPF also. Her name is Leslie Epstein. She worked at GOLD for many years. Her husband John Epstein is also here and they had to witness their own son's wife being SP declared and kicked out - never to be seen again. I saw her SP declare order when it was on the bulletin board and it sounded like it was just made up to get rid of her. Her twin Felipe, did not get officially SP declared, but only "probationally SP declared," with no issue, but basically told to "shut up" or you will get SP declared.

I saw a big smile and relief on his face when he was finally allowed to get out of here!!! Someone decides "that's it" no more chances and then evidence is held against you and you have no defense against "Scientology Justice." If some high exec decides you are out -- then you are! This final assessment for graduating the RPF is a printed list and available to any RPFer so it's easy to get hold of. How would you like to have these questions barked in your face, while on a video camera? Then expecting that it's a clean needle on the emeter, and you fully agree...

1. Regarding Int Execs, do you have an evil purpose?

2. Regarding Int Execs. do you have a vicious intent?

3. Regarding Int Execs, have you been spreading Black PR?

4. Regarding RTC Execs, do you have an evil purpose?

5. Regarding RTC Execs, do you have a vicious intent?

6. Regarding RTC Execs, have you been spreading Black PR?

7. Regarding LRH, do you have an evil purpose?

8. Regarding LRH. do you have a vicious intent?

9. Regarding LRH, have you been spreading Black PR?

10. Regarding LRH, do you have any bad thoughts?

11. Are you secretly disaffected with Management?

12. Do you have any withholds from RTC?

13. Do you have any intention to stop Scientology?

14. Do you have any intention to stop Scientology dissemination?

15. On your RPF program, has an evil purpose been missed?

[Black PR = saying bad things about scientology or scientologists]

This has to be done on a video, with a close up on the dial and the PreClear holding the cans. It's done as a full formal session and if you go to the examiner afterwards and your needle is not "floating," meaning that you are happy and agree, then you have to go back in session again -- over and over. When you think you have a "clean assessment" you send it to the RPF I/C for inspection and when he agrees he sends it on to the Senior C/S WUS in CMO across the street for final approval.

When it's approved for both you and your twin, you have filled the last requirement on the program and can submit your full data for final approval to RTC to graduate. Of an average of 180 RPFers, there are 1 or 2 twinships that graduate every 4-6 months.

There are many more being assigned to the RPF in that time period and there are quite few that get Fitness Boarded out if they don't move on the program with their twin. You are basically 100% responsible for your twin, and anything happening to him/her is your responsibility. In other words, nobody is graduating alone, but always and only with your assigned twin.

For some reason there have been quite a lot RPF arrivals over the last few months coming down from Int or OSA or GOLD. They don't look happy. Maybe they have disagreements or they cannot put up with the Management or the regime of David Miscarriage or are unable to please him with what he expects out of their abilities. For some reason it's not a priority for us to see the International events anymore. It used to be "an information line" to let all RPFers know what is going on. We were about to see the LRH Birthday event in March this year, and were seated and ready to see it, then the RPF I/C came in and canceled it. We had to go and clean our rooms and then go to bed. Maybe there was something on there that was not good for us to see?? Usually the glorious Birthday Game is the highlight of the year, it covers all the big wins and international expansion. I'm really curious to find out why we couldn't see it, and I will, once I get out of here...

Everyone assigned to the RPF has to sign a waiver that one is doing the program on his on volition for the purpose of getting oneself redeemed. No one is forced to do the RPF and technically people are not held here against their will, but nobody wants to be here. I believe that the majority are working hard on this program, originally outlined by LRH on the ship Apollo. They want to "make good" and "be forgiven" so they can get back in the group and back to their old buddies and "help clear the planet." It might sound fanatic and it is. But that's what is crammed in to your head when working in the Sea Org.

After many years, you forget how important other parts of life are, like any interests, sport, hobbies and much less having any kind of decent family life. So RPFers dedicate themselves to do all they can, and they hang in there year after year on the RPF trying to graduate -- however, one day you are told, "that's it!". Your time is up and you didn't make it, so you get Fitness Boarded out of the Sea Org. Then you get dumped on the street with severance pay of $500.

There is a totally different approach for someone who WANTS to leave. If you say you want to leave, this is called "a blow." Then you get sec checked over and over and not until several questions have been totally cleaned and you have a "floating needle" are you allowed to complete the rest of the steps to finally be able to go.

I remember seeing Chuck Beatty on the line to route out of the Sea Org here in the RPF. He ended up having a personal "baby" watch for ALMOST 1 YEAR! Under watch 24/7 and obviously he could not get those specific questions clean as he did not agree with many things. He was at GOLD or Int for many years and I believe that he must have a lot of information about many people, of what happened up there, why they were so carefully trying to make sure that he would not turn on the church or management. I'm sure he disagreed with a lot of things. But for a full year! The lowest paid job anywhere, I would believe is something like $7.00/hour. He could have made $20,000 in a year flipping burgers at McDonalds. The pay in the RPF is 25% of full pay, which is $50, so after tax you end up with $11.46 in your hand - PER WEEK!! That is barely enough to pay for hygiene supplies, much less for any coffee or cigarettes!!

Personally, I hope that I will live through this insanity while maintaining some sanity of my own until I get out in the real world, to start all over again. Having no credit card, no ID, drivers license or family, I will start over somehow. I'm sure I will find someone that agrees with what I'm letting everybody know in my newsletters. Thank God that I have a friend very closeby who can get the data out for me. I hope to see you soon on the brighter side of-another life!

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