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Rehabilitation Project Force

The RPF Insider Newsletter # 2

As I was telling you earlier, there is this total frantic control of all the RPF members. We are not allowed to be seen by anybody, public or staff. This is supposedly upsetting the regular staff so much on their jobs that we are being secluded from the world. I think they are doing a pretty good job at it, because I'm sure that you don't see about 170 people running around in grey T-shirts do you? Grey T-shirts are by the way "our uniform". We are hidden in the west wing of the building and in the basement. We are also working on top of the building that is called the "old services building". This is a secluded space where noise from the air conditioners drowns out any sounds of our work of sanding wood or other construction projects. This is the building were the crew laundry is and the one next to the motorpool gate.

There is an ongoing project that has been worked on for years now, consisting of "moving the RPF spaces to one location". We spend a lot of time renovating rooms and moving personal belongings around. For over 10 years, the RPF used to be located on the 2nd floor of the Lebanon Hall building, which is right in the middle of the complex. The RPF grew in such number that there was no place to berth everybody and the living conditions were getting just too crowded.

The RPF has been very busy moving rooms from one building to another, full offices, all equipment, beds and everything. We are now out of the Leb Hall since a bit less than a year and are now all in the Main building west wing. One of the reasons we had to move everybody over to the other side, was because we were "running into crew" all the time as the main path is just outside the main dining room.This apparently upset them and distracted them so much from their daily routines that we have to be segregated with force. In order to implement this fully, we had locks installed on the emergency doors that go out to the roof between the buildings and we have to travel on that route to not be seen! Only certain people have the keys. and we can not even go back and forth between the buildings, without someone coming with us to totally control that we don't meet any other crewmembers.

This project has now coming to it's last stage, where the confidential OT course room is getting moved also, as the students running back and forth are creating so much "traffic" that the OT III and OT V course rooms have to move. This is a big evolution as the "OT Materials" have to be kept in a safe and be checked daily by the security guards. The place has alarms and one can not come in or out without a key and a magnetic security card. Only OTs are allowed to access this area. The evolution is slowed down however as there are quite some material costs involved, and the new security system and location has to be fully approved by RTC, the top police organization of Scientology. The paper mill of approvals of such big changes takes forever. The Scientology beaurocracy is worse than the government! Wait, wait wait. We even started to move and build the new course room, and we came to a dead halt, as we jumped the gun - it wasn't approved yet!

All the berthing spaces [sleeping quarters] moved over to the west wing and everybody in the RPF is now living and studying there. Even the RPF I/C's office is at the end of the building next to the course rooms by the stair well. We have the berthings on the 2nd floor, both sides. Just look for the white plastic in front of the windows. This was put up to hide the bunk beds that go up to the ceiling!!! But can you guys believe this: There are about 16 guys in one little room, 4 bunks high. It's so small that it's impossible to have everybody be in the room at the same time, so we have to go to bed staggered in shifts!

Another room that is a bit bigger has about 50 men in it. It's 2 rooms with a wall knocked out. The windows are only opened a little bit but there is no ventilation at all. Can you imagine how it smells at night, when 50 sweaty hard working guys take their shoes off? Then you think that one would be able to sleep being totally tired or wiped out from a full day of hard work, but sometimes I can't even sleep because it's horrendous to listen to a bunch of people that snore! The women also live in small rooms with about 15 - 20 in each. They are also complaining of bad smell and snoring! I'm actually wondering how it feels to live in a regular bed with clean sheets and fresh air, after all these years.

Hopefully soon I will be able to experience a real life. By the way, if someone could arrange to have the Health Department come and inspect this area, maybe something could be done about this terrible living situation. It's hard to believe that we have an invisible prison right in the middle of LA. A bunch of sardines packed together in terrible living conditions. If the city would inspect this area, I think they would close it down. It certainly is not humane...let alone religious. I have to go.........

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