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Rehabilitation Project Force

The RPF Insider Newsletter #1

Hello everybody out there in the real world!

I'm here in the PAC [Pacific, in Los Angeles] RPF and I'm going to tell the world the nightmare we are going through here in the west wing of blue PAC building, where we are all being secluded from the world. Come by and look at the windows of the 2nd floor of Catalina street. You will see white plastic in front of all the windows, so we can't be seen by anybody from the outside! Hopefully I will be allowed to get out of here soon...

I have watched several people that managed to blow (blow = leaving without permission, Scientology term) from the RPF. If the person is "recovered" by the PAC "security" they are put into the RPF's RPF. That is a Rehabilitation Project Force to the RPF itself! Talk about being subdued and treated like a rat! The members of the RPF's RPF can not even talk to other members in the RPF! The punishment for the others in the group when someone blows is horrific! The "security" is increased from having one buddy watching you all the time, to TWO persons being with you all the time. When you are in the basement painting or doing some work off the crew lines, and have to go to the bathroom, the other two persons have to come with you and "watch you", and each other, waiting outside the can until you are done! Can you imagine how ridiculous that is? You can't even go and take a dump in peace!

I have seen others getting a "Fitness Board Turndown" in order to get kicked out of the Sea Org. There is an elaborate administrative procedure to be allowed to leave. One must have a "severance pay"of tiny $500 to be allowed to leave. Can you believe it? After all those years of trustworthy service to the Sea Org, you get $500 and are kicked out into the street. I have no clue what it costs to live in the real world these days, but I believe the $500 will last about one week. I think a month's rent in LA is something like $800 to $1,000. Is that right? Having worked day and night for many years as an Executive, "helping others" and following orders, we get 500 bucks! And it takes forever, months and months sometimes before people are allowed to leave. We're told that "it's not approved in the FP yet" (FP= Financial Planning, done once a week and the money is then dispersed to what it is approved for). Meanwhile the guys trying to leave are in the basement like rats, kept away from any staff members and out of the view of any public, so as to "not upset them" or "cause enturbulation" for them. We are in the basement scraping paint off the floor, 10 hours a day, painting old dusty pipes with color coding, which is being glorified with "we are doing great work that the staff will be proud of". Who cares if the damn pipes in the basement are red, green, blue or black?

There are many people that have been dismissed from GOLD [same adress as Golden Era Production, in Hemet California]and sent to the RPF. Probably they didn't get along with "the Management" or David Miscarriage (misspelled?) I think they are getting rid of the smart and clever guys that are a threat to expose DM's international fraud and police organization.

If you have taken any services in the past or wonder where some people in the Sea Org are these days, I will list out for you, from the top of my head, who is right now here in the RPF, or recently graduated, or who has recently blown or has been SP declared or "Fitness Boarded" out of the Sea Org with a "probational SP declare". This is something new that has been invented. Another piece of squirrel administrative technology. Nobody can find a reference what that is. One is declared a Suppressive Person on a probational basis. One still has to "make good" (do the steps A to E, AND a personalized "re-entry" program) to be able to come back, but one is not "officially SP declared" on the standard lines with an issue that goes to everyone. If every SP Declare was published, lots of Scientologists would be enturbulated, because there have been so many. Basically, one is told to "shut up" and if you make any noise you will get declared! Anyway, I'm not afraid to tell everybody about this, as I will probably be SP declared the second they find out who it is that is writing this IN THE RPF!! Thank God I have a friend that is helping me to get the information out to the world so something can be done about this. Let's see how long it will take for the smart guys at INT and OSA to figure out who it is that is helping me. Well, I think PAC security better get on the stick or they will be losing some sleep and have some extra work to do...

I have a lot more to say, and I can tell you a lot about all these peoples' lives and dilemmas. I have enough to write a book, which I plan to do, as soon as they kick me out! Stay tuned for further updates...

Here's the list of the names:

Aczel, John
Akiyama, Roger
Alexander, Tanya
Allen, Elaine
Allsop, Cameron
Alvarez, Hender
Anderson, Brian
Aristi, Alfonso
Arneson, Torren
Ashworth, Pat
Asplund, Lars
Atwood, Ben
Avila, Felipe
Baxter, Arthur
Beatty, Chuck
Belcastro, Ivan
Bersier, Jean Phillipe
Bertinato, Emilio
Bervera, Ismael
Besnard, Jean Yves
Bieg, Patrik
Biggs, Petal
Brandis, Tom
Brefka, Wendy
Bush, Diane
Butcher, Faye
Cabral, Miriam
Caneen, Joe
Castle, Stefan
Champagne, Eileen
Christiansen, Tia
Codd, Clyde
Contreras, Griselda
Cornu, Patrizia
Croteau, Yvette
Crowther, Gigi
Danilovich, Micho
Davies, Leelan
Decrescenzo, Laura
DeRudder, Isabelle
Dezotell, Paul
Diaz, Dora Luz
Diaz, Luz Esther
Didcoate, Kathy
Didcoate, Richard
Di Ieva, Marco
Dippel, Karen
Dolgov, Vadim
Dubreuil, Joelle
Ellison, Bill
Emenau, Mark
Epstein, John
Epstein, Leslie
Eves, Cherie
Eves, Mike
Eves, Paul
Fallegger, Maria
Faulkner, Jon-Paul
Fiandica, Doug
Fraser, Berenice
Frau, Francesco
Freire, Rui
Gahwiler, Matthis
Galbiati, Matteo
Gambino, Jenny
Garth, Colwell
Gibson, Margaret
Gomez, Alejandro
Gouessan, Alain
Greve, Ryan
Griffin, John
Heinzel, Marie-Alice
Heldt, Birthe
Herzer, Cheryl
Hoden, Ken
Hoden, Lisa
Hogarth, Sheldon
Homier, Claude
Homier, Dominique
Howson, David
Hubbert, Pam
Huber, Noldi
Ibarra, Dharma
Jansen, Jan
Juss, Brian
Karlsson, Lennart
Kimoto, Shannon
Knight, Cat
Konneus, Leif
Lane, Andrea
Lefevre, Vincentv Lerner, Susan
Lev, Nir
Lewis, Lisa
Lindstein, Mariette
Long, Ken
Macias, Marianna
Maday, Martin
Marmolejo, Ricardo
McKinstrey, Mark
McQuade, Brenda
Miller, Gary
Morillo, Elvia
Morrisette, Chris
Mottl, Berndt
Mottl, Rena
Mousell, Sheldon
Mueller, Jurgen
Muller, Doug
Muller, Zerrin
Murton, Candy
Mustard, Caroline
Nossis, Kettie
Nunnellee, Richard
Oakes, Carole
Ortman, Mark
Osborne, Theron
Parkin, Edward
Parz, Callie
Pearse, Kylea-Rose
Percy, Kali
Pouw, Anthony
Price, Bill
Ramirez, Isi
Redmon, Rebecca
Reiss, Jesse
Robitaille, Phillipe
Rowe, Lallah
Santos, Florencia
Seagal, Ron
Searing, Tony
Selle, Erin
Sereda, Linda
Shapiro, Ken
Sims, Patty
Sinclair, Fred
Smith, Eric
Smith, Julia
Smith, Stan
Soendker, Patricia
Southworth, Gailynn
Southworth, Kashanka
Sporri, (wife?)
Sporri, Urs
Stark, Marco
Startari, Stefania
Stilo, Donna
Stracener, Colby
Stuckenbrock, Uwe
Szoke, Marlana
Szombathy, Imre
Tinat, Justin
Townsend, Sheri
Trent, Vincent
Vandersall, Mel
Walimaa, Tyler
Wallace, Liz
Watson, Jane
Weibert, Kari
Weiland, Janet
Weissman, Pam
Welch, Simone
Welte, Dieter
Wheelis, Alex
Wheelis, Majbritt
Whitta, Denise
Wilbur, Sarah
Williams, Russ
Wills, Steve
Woodcraft, Matt
Woodruff, Henry
Zerbini, Linda

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