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The Rehabilitation Project Force

The RPF was originally started by LRH as a way of bringing up to confront those individuals who were having a hard time of it in the Sea Org and who were not being a full member of the team.

Over the years this has, by all accounts received, turned into a cheap labour force with little regard for the rights of the individual. Some people have apparently been in the RPF for up to 7 years. This surely defeats the original purpose of the RPF? It does not take 7 years for someone to be able to confront the physical universe.

The Sea Organisation is distinctly naval orientated and many naval terms are used througout the Flag Order and in the RPF Newsletters as a consequence.


For definitions of these and other terms go here.

Here are 6 videos on the RPF

RPF Newsletter 1
RPF Newsletter 2
RPF Newsletter 3
RPF Newsletter 4
RPF Newsletter 5
RPF Newsletter 6
RPF Newsletter 7
RPF Newsletter 8
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