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Analysis of Scientology Church Recent Book Issues

The Church, under the auspices of the CST and RTC, have reissued many of the original books, claiming that the original books were poorly transcribed and therefore inaccurate.

As such the IFA Research Deptsrtment is undertaking to do an anlysis of the reissued books as they come our way.

Here is a document entitled, Summary of Alterations which gives some information to show that LRH did participate in proof reading and advising of corrections of his books.

The first book to be analysed is DIANETICS: THE ORIGINAL THESIS. The complete analysis can be downloaded here (right click your mouse and save as...) Analysis of DTOT


DOT Clarification

Please note the following amendment also to this analysis

Since the work was issued, the work recieved some aclaiim but also a valid complaint that the issue was from an Freezone renditon.

That does not mean the work was invalid or suspect. I doubt there was an alteration on the Freezone issue but since the point was raised we got from the author the actual issues used in the Qual Compare. It was:

Here is the amendment:

++++++++++++++ From Brother ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
My copy (DTOT 2) was published by S.P.O A/S, (Scientology Publications
Organisation - a Danish company with limited liability). Toldbodgade 33,
1253 Copenhagen K, Denmark. Copyright 1951, 1967, 1970. by L Ron Hubbard.
All rights reserved. It was printed in Great Britain by The Garden City
Press Limited, Letchworth, Hertfortshire. [Therefore the spelling of
organisation with an s and tot the American spelling of organization with a z].

It should also be noted that the original publication was itself a revision re-write as Pierre Ethier, Class XII has pointed out on a recent discussion list.

The next book to be reviewed is Scientology 0-8. The complete analysis can be downloaded here (right click your mouse and save as...) Analysis of Scientology 0-8

Other books will also be added in due course as the research team acquire them and can perfom a proper analysis of the work.

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