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Where scientologists come to be free and exercise
their right to practice their chosen philosophy

This site is operated by independent scientologists and is neither endorsed by,
nor associated or affiliated with the Corporate company known as the
Church of Spiritual Technology or it's companies and churches such as the
Religious Technology Centre, Church of Scientology International,
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The Scientologists Freezone Information

"I know no man who has any monopoly upon the wisdom of this universe.
It belongs to those who can use it to help themselves and others"

-My Philosophy, WHAT ARE PEOPLE FOR? L. Ron Hubbard

Here you will find some information about scientology, the church and the Scientology independent field.

Each is explained and you might be surprised as to what you find. Not all is as it seems.

Existing scientologists in the field may be familiar with most of what is outlined here. Some that are still church adherents will likely have some difficulty accepting the data and information outlined on the following pages.

The Church has a policy with its staff and parishioners to, "Not look at the Internet", This is a prime case of, "don't look over there", which, as any scientologist worth his salt will tell you, is the practice of NOT IS, meaning to not look at something, pretend it is not there. Non Confront, in other words.

Apart from the fact that it does nothing to increase a persons abilities to non confront an area, it also precludes that person from making a sane judgement on his or her own cognizance and is in effect saying, "You cannot judge so we have to judge for you - here are your blinkers. Please put them on if you want eternal salvation".

For those people, existing scientologists both in and out of the official church and for new people, the information provided here will give some enlightenment so they will be in a position to make a judgement based on facts rather than sensationalism or emotional hype.

Road to Freedom

This is the home away from home for ex-church members who thought there was no hope after leaving or being ousted from the church. This is the new adventure for those who have discovered scientology for the first time.

Because discovering scientology IS an adventure. Lafayette Ron Hubbard researched and developed an accurate understanding of man and plotted a specific route to spiritual freedom, which is attainable by anyone with sufficient desire and determination.

Here would be your first step on the road to increased ability, awareness and freedom. For this IS the Freezone!

This information is split up into sections for easy reading and reference.

The sections are:

What is scientology?

What is a Scientologist?

What is the Church of Scientology?

The Irresponsibleness of the New Leaders.

Documented Changes to the Technology & Philosophy

Recent Book Changes

An article on the Declare Philosophy

Jenna Miscavige Hill letter

What is the Scientology field?


What is the Association of Professional Independent Scientologists? (APIS)

The Aims of (APIS)

Why the Scientology field and not the Church

Copyright & Trademark Questions

Cease & Desist!

An Example List of Declared Scientologists


Auditor List

Information on the RPF

Top scientologists freezone

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