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Why the Scientology Freezone and not the Church

"My own philosophy is that one should share what wisdom one has and should help others to help themselves. I have never seen wisdom do any good kept to oneself"
- The Goal of Training, THE AUDITOR 27: L. Ronald Hubbard

As mentioned before, many people consider the official church has departed from the original source materials. Since the departure of the Founder, L. Ron Hubbard, great changes have become evident within the management and hierarchy of the church. Changes in the issued materials. Sudden requirements of auditors to justify their understanding of the 'new age of technology' with increased repeated study of prelearned materials. The subtle changes in the materials being presented as 'source'. Stories of occupational health and safely abuse. It seem apparent that the Church is no longer a source point for L. Ron Hubbard's original workable technology.

This coupled with the transfer of all the copyrights and trade marks to a private company headed up by a former Assistant Commissioner of the IRS around the time a 'Secret RTC IRS Deal' was done between the tax office and the church. The persistent increase of 'donations' for services far outstripping the average mans pocket effectively enforcing the feeling of being unable to have upon the vast majority of people, all indicate an agenda totally opposite to that intended by the original Founder L. Ron Hubbard.

In the Scientology field the philosophy and application of it is growing rapidly without such stops and restrictions.

The knowledge and application of the technology Lafayette Ron Hubbard developed is available and within the grasp of the average 'Joe'. Not thousands upon thousands for an unsatisfactory result due to the original technology having been altered and the processes and practices changed but the original workable applied philosophy Lafayette Ron Hubbard laid out.

As with all technology, there are variations available and while these may appear to have beneficial results for some, they are not the original technology as developed by Lafayette Ron Hubbard and their results would not carry the same degree of certainty

Sticking to that which has been proven to work thousands and thousands of times and which contains a predictable result when applied routinely is a more sensible approach. After all if you purchased a Rolls Royce, would you rip out the engine and replace it with a General Motors one because "it sounded better"?

Lafayette Ron Hubbard's Technology is the Rolls Royce of technology for spiritual freedom. Why settle for anything less?

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