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Scientology Definitions

2nd dynamic: The urge towards existence as a sexual or bisexual activity. This dynamic actually has two divisions. Second Dynamic (a) is the sexual act itself and the second dynamic (b) is the family unit, including the rearing of children.

3rd Dynamic
The urge towards existence in groups of individuals. Any group or part of an entire class could be considered to be a part of the third dynamic. The school, the society, the town, the nation are each part of the third dynamic and each one is a third dynamic.

Area Estates
That part of the organisation responsible for keep the buildings and ground in good order.

A nautical term A petty officer on a merchant ship who controls the work of other seamen; a contraction of boatswain.

Master At Arms, the Ethics Officer in the Sea Org.

Commanding Officer. The head of a Sea Org Organisation. Such as Flag or the Sea Org in LA for example.

Where two people cooperatively audit each other in turn

Comm Ev
Committee of Evidence. Technically a fact finding body but apparently often used nowadays as a judgment tool in the CofS

Commodore's Messenger
Used to be LRH messengers. LRH was called the Commodore in keeping with naval tradition and these were his personal messengers

Cont LRH Comm
The communicator for LRH for an entire continent, such as the US or UK

Deck Project Force
On a ship that group which keeps the ship shipshape and clean

Executive Directives, Issues from the Board of Directors

Ethics orders.

Estates Org
The Organisation concerned with establishing and maintaining the estate, buildings, grounds and so forth

Estates Project Force
All new incumbents to the Sea Org go into the Estate Project Force.(EPF), where they learn the basics of the Sea Org and are supported to raise their confront of MEST (matter, Energy, Space and Time, the physical universe)

Flag Case Completion Intensive; a person receiving this auditing service

First Mate
An officer in a merchant vessel next in rank to the captain

The Supposed Headquarters of Scientology. Based in Tampa Florida it is promoted as the Mecca for standard technology. However as can be found on this site and other websites, this is not longer correct. In fact scientology is run and administered by the RTC under the auspices of the CST. See information for further detail

Flag Order
An order issued by the Sea org. It is a direct order to the staff

Flag Orders

Bulletins originally issued by LRH of a technical nature. These contain technical information regarding the philosphy and application of scientology

Liability Formula
In the handbook for Ethics is described various formulas of existence which one can apply when discovering ones state of existence. The Liability Formula is that series of steps one takes to move out of a condition of liability to the group one has been in

Low OCA non-producers
The OCA is a test for personality traits. If the test shows that the persons personality leaves much to be desired in the estimation of the tester and their personal production on their job is low, then they are regarded as a Low OCA non-producers

LRH Pers Comm
The personal communicator for LRH

The mess is where people in the armed forces eat

Order of the Day. Traditional in navel circles and in the Sea org. Tells who is doing what for the day. Who is the officer of the day, notices and general information

A Rock Slam is defined as a crazy irregular slashing motion of the needle. It can be as narrow as one inch or more than a full dial in width, but it is crazy!. A Rock Slammer or those that R/S are people that get this needle phenomena.

Sea Org
Sea Organisation

Sea Organisation
That group originally formed up to be exterior to the Church and to get ethics in on this planet and the universe.

Statistic. All production is measured as a statistic. If one's production, and therefore statistic is 'down'. Bad man!

A Nautical term. Watch Quarter Station Bill. Who is on what watch and for how long.

More definitions are available here

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