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"The way out is the way through ... That which one cannot accept chains one." - THE CREATION OF HUMAN ABILITY L. Ron Hubbard

Perhaps at this point you are keen to get some auditing yourself. So how DO you find an auditor?

It is important that you locate an auditor who will give you the best possible service. This means that the person you select should deliver what is considered to be Standard Tech. This means they follow and apply the original workable technology as researched and developed by Lafayette Ron Hubbard. This in order to gain the results that have been found to be available when one does so.

If you are seeking either an independent scientologist auditor or an auditor associated with the Church of Scientology(tm), it is a good idea to ensure that you establish that they:

1. Practice the philosophy that the founder of the religion known as scientology developed.

2. Utilise the practices and processes that were developed within that philosophy correctly as the founder advised.

3. Do not charge more than is reasonable for any service they offer.

Auditors can be found both within the church and in the Freezone.

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