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Where scientologists come to be free and exercise
their right to practice their chosen philosophy

This site is operated by independent scientologists and is neither endorsed by,
nor associated or affiliated with the Corporate company known as the
Church of Spiritual Technology or it's companies and churches such as the
Religious Technology Centre, Church of Scientology International,
or any other of its affiliates, corporations management organisations or groups.

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Auditor and Group List

This is a directory of the Association of Professional Independent Scientologists (APIS) Auditor and group practitioners.

Those in BOLD are fully certified auditors or groups and there will be a link to their certification.

Any auditor or group can apply for certification by going to the certification section and applying for certification. They will then be listed in the certified auditor and group section. A list of the certified auditors and groups can be found at certified auditor.

Any independent practitioner of Ron's technology can apply for membership in APIS! All that is required is that they FULLY AFFIRM they are on source and adhering to Ron's Source Materials in their application of the technology and are not mixing practices. That they are also applying the HCO PL Keeping Scientology(tm) Working to the best of their ability and continually seek to improve and enhance their abilities in this direction. Reference: APIS Standards.

Independent practitioners of Ron's technology in the Freezone are Field Auditors and as per Professional Auditors Bulletin PAB 21st April 1957 by Lafayette Ron Hubbard, Field Auditors Have Rights too.

Groups, Organisations & Individual Auditors Directory


Services Delivered
IFA Certification
Neil Prosser Australia Neil_Prosser16@hotmail.com Class 0, Solo Auditing 0
Warren Hudson Australia warrenhudson@yahoo.com.au Class IV Up to Grade IV including
Book 1, Life Repair, PTS Handling
Pierrot Belgium jazzguitarist1_2_1234@yahoo.fr Class IV Auditing up the grades 0
The Theta Clear Group Italy gruppo-tc@hushmail.com Training & Processing Complete Grade Chart - auditing 0
Luigi Cosivi Italy egno.lc@libero.it Training & Processing Complete Grade Chart - auditing 0
covadonga jimenez icaza Spain blueplanetfree@gmail.com Processing Book one, life repair, grades, NED 0
Phil Bruemmer Sweden, Stockholm area (will travel if needed) email: independent@ownmail.net Class VI auditor & C/S Introductory auditing, Life Repair, Purifcation Rundown, Grades, New Era Dianetics,HRD, FPRD 0


Services Delivered
IFA Certification
The WestCan Group Canada The WestCan Group email Training & Processing up to
Chris Black Toronto Canada standardtechauditor@yahoo.ca Class IX Auditor and Class Vlll C/S, DSEC Purif C/S; Life Repair To Clear Auditing & C/Sing
OT reviews & C/Sing; FPRD; Debugs & more.
daruba Toronto Canada darubaprajnaparamita@yahoo.com TRs, CCHs, Solo TRs, CCHs 0

United States

Services Delivered
IFA Certification
Clive Nicol South West UK clive_nicol@yahoo.com Class V Grades Auditing 0
Kenneth Urquhart North East USA
Will travel
urq@verizon.net Class IV. Advance Courses
Specialist. Class IX
Internships, apprenticeships
and Okay-to-Audits Class V
Ian Waxler Los Angeles California, USA info@adcian@yahoo.com Class VIII C/S With Honors Auditing and C/Sing all old LRH Bridge
Freezone Monterey of San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA info@freezonemonterey.com Various Purif, Dianetics, All Levels, etc 0
Randy Smith California, USA randy.investor@gmail.com Grad V Auditor and CS, OEC/FEBC, Purif, KTL, Pro Trs review auditor and CS Products and/or services delivered: Intro Auditing, Book 1, auditing through the Grades and NED, Csing of Purif, Pro Trs and Key to Life 0
Karen de la Carriere Class XII Western USA Karendelac@gmail.com
Phone: 323-465-1200
Class XII L's, NOTs, and entire Bridge
Greta Alexander Western USA alexanderthegreata@yahoo.com Class IX C/S C/Sing all LRHs Bridge including
Solo NOTs
Michigan Scientologists Michigan Michigan Scientologists Contact Various Chronological Study of Technology to Class VI Inc Co-Audit 0
Southern Cal Tech Team Los Angeles USA SCTT Contact Class VIII, NOTs Standard LRH Bridge
Training, Auditing
& C/Sing
Specializing in OT and NOTs levels
Trey Lotz Los Angeles USA trey@relaypoint.net Class VIII Standard LRH Bridge up to Clear, NOTs, Ls
Perry Shepard Ojai,CA, USA Contact Trey Lotz Class VIII Tech @ Qual services as needed 0
Sharon Laub North East USA sharonlaub@rocketmail.com Class VI Dianetics (Book 1 and NED) Grades,
Objectives, Way to Happiness RD
Global Freedom Center Los Angeles Cal Global Freedom Center Flag Trained FEBC, OEC. Class V Graduate Auditor. Grade V, Reviews, Repair,
Counselling to OT III
Anita & Les Warren North West USA http://www.LifeEnhance.org Classed Auditors Entire Bridge 0
Louis Caporaletti Ohio, USA LouisCaporaletti@LouisCaporaletti.com Dianetics Dianetics 0
James Gilberti South East USA jimgilberti@yahoo.com Class V Grad Book 1, Life Repair, Purif C/S, ARC S/W, Grades 0-4, NED, PTS/SP Rundown 0
Mark List South East USA beachniks@yahoo.com Class VIII OEC DSEC SPECIAL ZONE PLAN Consultant
helping you apply Scientology
in your life.
Roy Selby
West USA roy_slby@yahoo.com Grad V Certified,Advanced Courses Specialist, OEC, FEBC, DSEC Ned for OTs, and all OT Review actions
& all grade chart actions except NOTs CSing
Mike Brodle West USA Tel: 360 253 2116
Class IV Grades 0
Please note: The Association of Professional Independent Scientologists receive no commercial interest direct or otherwise from any of the people listed above. APIS does not endorse or recommend any particular auditor or group listed and this list is provided on an informative basis only. Each individual is responsible for their own integrity and case.

Also please note that this list does NOT include all those private individuals who have elected to support APIS by offering a donation and agreeing with the purposes and aims of APIS and do not wish to provide public details about themselves.

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